Sunday, January 2, 2011

Flesh are fake, bones are real

It takes 43 muscles in your face to frown and it takes 17 muscles just to smile. But it only takes one face to lie. And that is yours. You can smile and you can frown. But only you know how fake that is. There are a total of 12 general faces you can make. Including sad face, happy face, puppy eyes face and etc....but which one is truly yours that came straight from the heart? How can you be sure that the happy face you put on is just another mask to hide your true self? Can you be sure that the sadistic, dark feeling you have in your heart is not the real you? The flesh of your face can hide so many things. Lies don’t come from just the words you use. It came first from the face your wear. You may think that you are sincere in with your life and to everyone around you. But everything you do is just a big lie. You just didn’t know it or refuse to acknowledge it. You put on faces to please your boss. You fake up a smile to make sure that your customer is satisfied. You even fake your tears to make people believe in your lies. Lies upon lies. So what is real you ask? Bones. That’s right...bones. The fleshy meat thing that you wear on your face is just a mask. Bones are real. They can’t make any expression nor are they able to tell any lies. Well the dead can’t tell no lies...right?

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