Sunday, January 9, 2011

Call 1-800-MURDER

Its 7.30 am. As usual Mr. Smiths wakes up from his bed. He brushes his teeth and takes a shower. There's not much to tell about Mr. Smiths, he is in his forties, and never had a wife. He is always a routine man and he is quite polite. He doesn't talk much and have a very few friends. He seldom leaves his apartment except for work. He likes to keep everything to himself. It is just another dull day in the life of Mr. Smiths. He put on his clothes and his coat and he's off to work.

When he got to his car, there was a pamphlet on the wind shield of his car. Some kind of an advertisement for an agency. Without much of a glance he take the pamphlet and tuck it deep into the pocket of his coat. He got in his car and drove it to the place he work. He drove the same road and past the same building for almost 20 years now. Everything was the same, not much have changed except for few new roads and buildings here and there. Nothing change. But today is different for Mr. Smiths, for today there is something that would happen to him. He is getting his promotion. There is a new vacancy for a senior officer post as the previous had recently died. This was his chance to make a change.

He arrived to his nice little office. As always his secretary serve him coffee. But he never drink that coffee because it always leave that weird taste in his mouth. His secretary told him to meet the Mr. Wright, his boss. So he off to meet him. Upon walking toward his boss office he tumbled upon Mr. Lind, the new uprising star of the company. He just recently started working there. He's much a people person, and always prefer people to call him 'Bob'. Everyone was so fond of Bob, but Mr Smiths never liked him. He had that dastardly smile that Mr. Smiths felt uneasy with. So he pass the ever smiling Bob without looking at him.

"Sit down, son" Mr. Wright told him. Upon working with the same person for almost 20 years, Mr. Smiths knew that there something bad that will happen. Mr. Wright have this habit in telling bad news to people. It always "Sit down, son", "Its a nice weather isn't?", "Have a cigar, son" and among others. Its his way in for PR, by giving the cake first and then cut it with a sharp knife. This was bad for Mr. Smiths, and he knew it. 

"You have worked here for almost 20 years son" Mr. Wright told him. "You were always a bright kid then"  Mr. Wright building his speech. "You always done your duty and always finishes on time. You never ever complaint. I know you did a lot for this company. But...". Here it come thought Mr. Smiths. "You don't have ambition. You never done more than what you're given. Thats why you never get a promotion. 20 years is along time, son. Its better for you to just worked the way you should have been where you're comfortable with. Have a nice retirement and than live a comfortable life. You should have a wife. You are now in your forties. And about that promotion....I'm giving it to Bob". And there it was. 

Mr. Smiths just kept silent. He leaves Mr. Wright office, and went back to his nice little office. He finishes his work and off to go back home. In the parking lot, he met Bob. He smiled at him and put his hand upon Mr. Smiths shoulder. "I'm sorry man" said Bob, and then he leaves him with a smile. Smirking in his car.

Mr Smiths got into his car and drove home. It was raining hard. He couldn't even see what in front of him. But Suddenly his car broke down. Without any fuss, he just got off his car and started walking home. The rain was cold on his body. He just walked on as cars passes him by. And finally he got home, all drenched and tired. He sat on his couch. Looking at the television that was not turned on. And then he remembered the pamphlet on his car earlier. He searches through the pocket of his coat, and pull out the pamphlet. The pamphlet says:

Do you have a  PROBLEM with someone?
Do you need to EXTERMINATE that someone?
Don't be in TROUBLE anymore...we will HANDLE that PROBLEM
Call 1-800-MURDER 

Without giving it much of a thought, Mr. Smith called that number. "Hello, Good evening. Murder Line, what can I do to help you sir?" said the operator. The voice was somewhat strange, as if he was talking inside one's head. "I like you to exterminate someone" said Mr Smiths. "Okay sir, would you mind giving the person names, address and workplace sir?" Mr. Smiths gave the details. "Thank you sir, your request would be done within 24 hours. Have a nice day sir." Mr. Smiths hung up the phone. He took off his wet clothes, takes a shower and then he's off to sleep. He sleep deep that night.

Tomorrow morning he goes to work as usual. He took the bus that day as his car had broken yesterday. He arrived at the office but the office had a strange feeling that day. As if someone had died. Everyone looked gloomy. He sat on his chair in his nice little office and then Mr. Wright came in. "Do you heard the news" said Mr Wright, but Mr. Smiths shrugged. "Bob died last night" Mr. Smiths. was shocked. Was it because of the phone call he made last night? Did he died because of him. Mr. Wright just keep on talking, about how Bob was a nice person, how great he was and how dearly he will be missed. After he finishes, as Mr. Wright was about to leave his office, Mr. Smiths asked him about the promotion. "I'm sorry son, we are still in a state of grief. The post would be vacant until further notice. But you should consider what I said yesterday." Mr smiths knew he was turned down again and he would never get that promotion.

He finishes his work and got off work earlier that day. All he kept thinking was the phone call he made yesterday did kill Bob. If its true, he can kill anyone he wanted. Anyone he never like about and never get blamed. He can change his dull life into anything he wanted. He can change. In the bus, he kept thinking who he should exterminate next. Maybe he should kill all the candidate for the job post. Maybe he should exterminate Mr. Wright for not giving him any opportunity. Maybe he should exterminate his secretary. He knew that she always spit in the coffee she makes for him everyday. He just kept thinking on the person he should terminate until he got home.

At home he pull off a pen and a paper. If the phone call was true, he should try to list down the people he wanted to terminate. The people he didn't liked. First he started with his secretary name. He really doesn't like her. Then Mr. Wright name. and then the office boy name, and then his neighbor name. As the night went on, the list gets even longer. Pages upon pages he wrote the names of the people he didn't liked. what started with a few names became a thousand names or even more. Ranging from the kid next door he didn't like to the name of the president.

Morning came in. Mr. Smiths doesn't realized that he written all night. The names he came out was quite a lot. Eventhough he was a quiet person, he hate a lot of people. He felt disgusted. He took the phone and started dialing the number. "Murder can I help you sir?" said the strange voice operator. "I would like to exterminate someone" said Mr. Smiths shaking. "Who would that be sir?" Mr. Smiths kept silent for a while, looking at his list there was so many people he wish they were gone. And then he answered, "I would like to exterminate all human". "You mean all human sir? Okay sir, your request will be granted. But to the nature of the request, it will take a while. Thank you sir. Have a nice day."

Mr. Smiths hung up the phone. He kept thinking what have he done. All human? Was it even possible? He didn't go to work that day. He just sat there on his couch. And then the screaming started. Mr. Smiths heard screaming and crashing everywhere. People were in a state of panic. The screaming gets louder and louder. He didn't dare checking up what had happen. He just sit there on his couch terrified.

The screaming ended up for days. He did not turn on his television or do anything. And at the seventh day, the screaming ended. Everything was silent. Did it stopped? Was all human already dead because of him? He thought to himself. And then suddenly there was a knock on the door. He pulls out his courage to open the door.

In front of the door was a man with a black suit. He was bald and his skin was grayish. "Good morning sir". Said the man without moving his lips. His voice was strange as if it echoed inside the brain. "We have finishes your request sir. To exterminate all human sir. All there is left is you sir. You're the last human to live in the world sir." Mr Smiths was shocked, he didn't know what to say. "As you said in your request sir, that you want to exterminate all human. I'm here to exterminate the last human sir, and that is you sir" said the man. "But you can't! How can you do this! You're human too!" said Mr. Smiths panicking. "I'm sorry sir, I'm not human". With that last word...every human in the world was EXTERMINATED.
The end


k.sara said...

permntaan yg mkn dri sndri...

AmriGloomySunday said...

haah...die bukan sgaje....sbenarnye nk tulis die kena buli btol2 pas2 die wat bodo je...baik sgt...pas2 die da xleh pnjag sgt la plak nk tulis huhuh

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