Wednesday, January 26, 2011

rururu (the song that change the world)

Nee doushite sugoku sugoku suki na koto

Tada tsutaetai dake nanoni rururururu
Umaku ienaindarou...

I should have move on, I should have hold on. I had my heart broken again. I should have move on. But I just ended right where I started. It started with you. Here I am now, with you. Same as two years ago,  same as always. There you are again tending to my broken heart. I wish I could hold you, but your hands were already holding someone else. Whenever I'm here with you, I feel happy and yet so sad. There was a song that I liked, but I didn't remember how it goes. 

Nee semete yumede aitai to negau
Yoruni kagitte ichidomo rururururu
Detekitewa kurenaine

I should have told you that day, I should have hold you that day. On that little beach on the far side of the world, there we are together, sitting on the rock just made for two. The sun was shining bright, but that little tree just gave us shades just right. With our feet ever burying in the sand as tides came in. We knew it was just perfect, to me at least. There's something I want to tell you. But the words seems so hard to come out. Instead I just swallowed it all. Maybe I was afraid then, maybe this feeling was just a phase. We just talk about the life we had these past few years, played in water, and then we left. And then I remembered that song. The melodies was cheery but somehow gave a melancholic feeling. 

Nee doushite sugoku aishiteru hitoni 
Aishiteru to yuudakede rururururu
Namidaga dechaundarou...

I should have told you that night, I should have hold you that night. But I didn't. As the tears started to swell up in my eyes. I left. And then the tears started to drop like rain falls. Tears I didn't knew I had. I cry but I never knew why. You did ask me why. But I lie. After the tears dried up, we went out. As other sleep and dreams about the star, we were awake and lively as the owls. We hang out together till the morning at that cafe, we didn't talk much but just sit there watching the Mothman on the television. I sent you back. That evening I receive a text from you...saying you are crying. Both of us knew that night was the last night we would ever meet. The world had separate us apart and so as my heart. And then I remembered the words of the song. But I never understand it, because it was a foreign song.

Futari deatta higa

Sukoshizutsu omoideni nattemo

I shouldn't have told you, I shouldn't have hold this feeling towards you. But I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't pretend anymore. I told you everything that night. But all you ever said was...if we met earlier things would be different. But we didn't. Your hands still hold the hand that was not mine. And all I had was the stars. Eventhough it was beautiful way up in the heaven, it really was just a dead rock floating in space. Dead under the stars. Now I know the meaning of that foreign song.

Aishiteru aishiteru rururururu
Nee doushite 
Namidaga detyaundarou

There was a song that I liked. It was a foreign song. Its melodies was cheerful but yet so sad. If you heard it, you may liked it or may not liked it. It was not an everybody song. But it was very meaningful. It was a song that changed the world. It changed my world. Here, I heard the song echoing in my little heart....rurururu

LOVE LOVE aiwo sakebou aiwo yobou


♥ AyaHikari ♥ said...

waaa! jpop ! i likeee...

AmriGloomySunday said...

cik aya buleh geng ngn abam neh

AmriGloomySunday said...

oit tukar name la elle/hawa/platipos....konfius org....THE TRUE AMRI

AmriGloomySunday said...

hahhaa tamau2.!nk jejaskan nme kamu jgk..lalalal

hiro said...

aishteru je gua paham..kah2

AmriGloomySunday said...

leh google translate xpon cari lyric lagu love love love by dreams come true

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