Friday, December 31, 2010

A 500 words story

A sad story about me...

I want to write a 500 words story. Well it’s not much of a story. But it’s made up of  500 words. I don’t know what I’ll write about. Maybe I’ll write about love, tragedy, drama or maybe a combination of them. It may not appeal others or to public community but to those who have the same interest as me would find it a little amusing. Well, people who have a dark twisted mind I guess. Personally I don’t think I’m too weird as they say I am. I’m practically a healthy normal person in his early twenties as I write this story. Like any other people I have too much fast food and soft drinks and not really into sports. I don’t go out much and I’m into dark literature and video games. And also I have this love for skulls and dark clothes. Its normal right? My life is a dull one I guess. Not much of a do-it-in-the-moment kind of guy. I’m just a do-nothing kind of a guy. ‘Don’t trouble anyone and don’t trouble yourself’ was always my motto. Stayed in the back in the shadows, listening to others and pretending not to care, but always pushes me into the front. 
Well people who have the letter ‘A’ in front of his name will always be called first right. Maybe this was a sick joke my parent put on me so that I always come out to become first in anything. Well so much for that. But I can’t really blame them they did the best they could. Like any loving-hate-broken-fake family parent would do...they wish the best for their children. Not to be like them of course. If  I were a single child maybe they would love me more instead. But I’m not. I’m the last. People tend to say that the last child of a family would be loved more, but not me. I stayed in the dark. It’s not like they abandon me or anything. It’s just for me its better this way. Alone in my dark little world. It’s a little bit sad isn’t it? But it’s just life to be exact. There’s no suspense or thriller, it’s just life.

Well here am I rambling about thing about my life so that the words I write in this story reach 500. I don’t think that my life can be in any concern of yours...but it’s nice to share it with someone. Maybe I don’t know the person who’ll read it. But it’s kind of nice to have someone read what you wrote and comments about it even though what’s written isn’t some kind of a masterpiece that will win any reward. I’m pretty much not a writer nor am I pretty much good at it. What I write is mostly made of nonsense in my mind. After two sentences after this sentence finish, I reach my 500 words mark. You don’t believe it? Just count it yourselves.


oranglidi said...

woah, sori aku tak reti tulis inglish. hehe.. aku ade sorang member mcm ko ni.

ah, smua orang ada kisah masing-masing kan.

aku suka btul lukisan ko. macam dalam 'alam angker' punya lukisan. huuhu.. banyak makna.

oh, aku kira dalam mikrosof word ada 498 word. ke benda tu salah kira. hehe.

uitm sri iskandar kan? salam prkenalan.

nurelle said...

salam perkenalan oranglidi.maaf tuan empunye bizi sket baru melangkah ke alam keje kan.sekarang kire bekas pelajar uitm seri iskandar la.

memang minat dye lukisan yg angker2 gitu.hehee pape pon time kaseh singgah.

p/s:tuan empunye slalu cakap lukisan dye buruk.time kaseh lagik skali sbb bg comment +ve kat dye


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