Tuesday, January 4, 2011

154 days 5 hours 4 minutes 49 seconds

This is from the one you left behind. The one you left behind a very very long time ago. 154 days 4 hour 35 minutes and 49 seconds ago to be exact. I know because I counted. Not a single moment I didn't think about you. Not a single place I go that I didn't see you. Your looks, your movement, the mole under your eye on the left cheek and even your smell have been engrave in my heart. Now the place that have so much meaning in my heart is filled with dark empty holes. The memories that I hold so dearly, the pictures we took together, had been torn apart, deleted from my computer and from my handset. But there you are still, inside my dark and lonely heart. Tormenting me with your sweet little smile.

"Move on" you said. "If fate brought us again, we may be together". Fate? Move on? Why the words you said was so much very different from the words you said 2 years ago. You said that we'll be together forever, in  happiness and sadness we strive to the very end of the world. You promise that your heart will be mine as mine is yours forever. And you hold my hand and kiss me on the cheek. I was so happy. I just smiled.

But then you left me, without any words or goodbye. Why? I gave you everything, my heart and even my soul. Why? Did I did something wrong? Why? Did our love, our memories doesn't meant anything to you? Why? Why? Why? Why do I questioned my self eventhough I knew the truth. The truth was clear as the stars that night. I want forever, you just want today. A simple hurtful truth. You didn't left me 154 days 4 hour 55 minutes 23 seconds ago, you left me much longer before that. I just didn't know or rather I know but refuse to acknowledge it. I was a fool back then. A fool in love.

If you are reading this. This is from the one you left behind. It had been more than 154 days 5 hours 4 minutes 49 seconds since you left me. I had move on. I had left you a long time ago. But recently I met you again. Maybe its time I took you for your word a long time ago. Here I stand behind you with a kitchen knife that feel so cold in my hand. I'm gonna make you keep your promise. Finally your heart will be mine. Bloody as it is. Maybe I should keep it in a refrigerator. Forever.


k.sara said...

ending dier scary...

AmriGloomySunday said...

mmg niat dye nk bt cite cemnih jep ^_^

k.sara said...

hahaha...citer dier mcm tu..
org nyer pun mcm tu jgak ke...

AmriGloomySunday said...

takkk...orgnye suwet dan suka bergurau senda kan...ell

k.sara said...

bgs lar klu sweet..
klu scary mcm ending cter tu..
dh mcm psyco plakk..
takowt nk dekat..

NuRuL SyAzWaNi (WaNiE) said...

Abg... Sweet la citer ni ;)

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